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PHIL COMPANY II Name: Course: Tutor: Date: This essay entails the development of a comprehensive marketing plan. At this stage, we will evaluate the final steps required of an effective marketing strategy. Marketing comprises of numerous interrelated activities all aimed at developing a concrete distribution and retail strategy.


This means that a company should create a brand after acknowledging the influence of economic forces on any given marketing environment. In the contemporary business environment characterized by economic forces created by free enterprise, a company’s brand has proven to play a substantial role in ensuring accomplishment of marketing objectives. Therefore, modern managers should develop reliable skills of initiating and developing a company’s brand. In the context of Phil Company, we will strive to create a brand that deems appropriate for the company’s marketing strategy. From a theoretical perspective, creation of a brand starts at the definition stage whereby a manager defines what a company’s brand should mean to all the interested stakeholders. Upon defining a company’s brand, the responsible manager determines clear objectives meant for that company (Julian, 2011). Based on the business profile of Phil Company and the prevailing marketing forces in the electronics manufacturing industry, Phil can develop a concrete brand by articulating marketing research information into their decision making processes. ...
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