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Marketing Contents Background 3 Issues 3 Objectives 4 Problems of Sylvia’s bar 4 Ideas and Information 6 Recommendation 6 Reference 9 Background Sylvia’s Bar was one of the renowned high street bar and a night club which was situated in Birmingham on the High Street.


Sylvia’s bar which once gathered about 400 to 500 customers on regular basis, but in recent years it has been able to gather on an average 100 to 150 customers. Since Sylvia’s Bar targeted the higher income level of people, there rates were also high as compared to any other bar in the town. Sylvia hired the best bar staffs and in addition two of Sylvia’s friend had also joined the business as assistance manager and claimed ?20 per hour. Over the years, many late night bars and clubs were opened which made the competition tough for Sylvia’s bar. As a result the customers preferred the other night clubs over Sylvia’s bar which resulted in loss for the club. The staffs were also not satisfied with the management and wanted new changes to be implemented. Issues The case deals with Sylvia’s bar which once was the most popular bar in Birmingham but due to shift in the customers taste and preference has been suffering from losses. The main issue includes Positioning of the bar: The bar has been positioned in the scenario of 1986, which tends to serves the customers with cocktail and wine and playing music of the 1960s to 1990s. ...
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