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In order to have a fruitful business meeting with the Australians, it is vital to have a clear insight of their culture, communication styles and their behaviors (Schroevers, 2013).
For Alison McKenzie to make a commendable first impression at the introductory meeting, there are basic etiquettes that she ought to observe. Establishing contacts with the Australian business people is considerably simple. They pay less attention to first creating solid relationships, and are thus open to approaches from outside their business contexts. In general, Australians do not necessarily require a recommendation from a mutual friend to enter into a business agreement with a foreigner. Nonetheless, having such a connection is normally important, since business relationships tend to be personal (Sabath, 2002).
Australian business executives are usually very occupied and busy. As such, securing an appointment with them can be a tricky task. To secure a business meeting with them, it is advisable to book an appointment a month prior to the set date. In spite of their busy nature, they are friendly and approachable. Generally, the working hours in the country start from 9AM and ends at 5PM. Thus, when scheduling a business trip, the material day should not fall within their vocational period, which is between December and February. Depending on the organization’s size, appointment proposals are usually submitted via emails and confirmed through telephone calls (Schroevers, 2013).
Australians have a dominantly conservative dress code for business visitors. Australian men put on dark suits and ties, while their women while their ladies wear professional dresses or suits. In Australia, the dress code of an organization is dependent upon the climatic environment that the firm is situated (Schroevers, 2013). For that reason, the business attire may be less formal in tropical regions unlike in towns and cities like ...
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To meet with a potential business partner in Sidney, Australia, it is important to have an understanding of the business culture and communication style of its occupants. The cultural environment of the city is favorable for establishing a manufacturing base for Say Cheese…
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