Deregulation of Financial Services in Canadian Banking Industry

Deregulation of Financial Services in Canadian Banking Industry Case Study example
Case Study
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Executive summary The case shows a behavioral and performance issues with a customer service representative namely Pam Stewart observed by customer service manager namely Lesley Mohan. On the first day of Lesley’s joining in the branch, she was warned about Pam’s behavior by the former customer service manager and she also noticed Pam’s conflicting behavior on their first meeting.


She usually had conflicts with Lesley and opposed her on performing desired activities such as submission of referrals although it was part of her job description, although Lesley always handled her confrontations very calmly with consideration of Palm’s personal problems. Pam’s problematic behavior could result in low performance in overall branch’s performance. The resulting problems in this case are lack of motivation of Palm, counterproductive work behavior, interdependence conflict and interpersonal conflict and Lesley used collaborative conflict management strategy and behavioral techniques to resolve resulting conflicts. While alternatives suggested are adoption of competitive conflict management strategy as immediate results were the main focus of Pam, Lesley could also use accommodating conflict management strategy on the sake of sustaining and improving Branch’s performance and Lesley could also use expectancy and hierarchy of needs theory to better understand Pam’s behavior. While best alternative is suggested is the implementation competitive conflict management strategy with adoption of negotiation techniques of conflict management. ...
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