What motivates or de-motivates customers to online shopping

What motivates or de-motivates customers to online shopping Essay example
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Dissertation Proposal
As the trend of the one line shopping continues, there appears to be a need to study the motivating factors that attract customers to this new shopping channel, the electronic commerce or e-commerce known today.


E-commerce started the shift from the real market to a digital market wherein business is done through the internet and becomes an equal playing ground for buyers and sellers.
Data from the U.S. Census (2011) shows the popularity of this marketing scheme, as in 2008 a total of $227,800million has been generated by e-commerce sales. This is an increase of 2.07 percent from 2007 e-commerce sale of $222,464m (See Annex 1)
Statement of the problem.
The aim of this dissertation is to examine the consumer behavior in explaining the motivations that attract customers to on line shopping. It is my contention that not everybody could be motivated into the growing interest of e-commerce.
My objectives are twofold. First I would like to investigate the motivations of the middle and upper class segment of customers to buy on line as well as the reluctance of the lower class segment of the market. My research will also cover the fears of shopping on line to know if this becomes a mitigating for others not to take advantage of on line shopping.
The implication of the research would show that knowledge of patronage motives would be important to retailers to understand the various influences which induce customers to purchase.
Review of literature
In this review of literature, I will present those theories, concepts and published literatures that in my opinion are most interesting and valuable for the purpose of this research. ...
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