Consumer Behaviour

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Abstract Understanding consumer behaviour has become essential for today’s marketing. Consumers today are more aware and rely on their understanding and experiences for purchasing decisions to be made. Conditioning and grooming of consumers mind can be done only through effective marketing strategies.


From a simple moisturiser to anti-ageing emoluments to hair colours and lipsticks and all the range that is available for a consumer to consider is stupendous. Also, the numbers of companies who make these cosmetics enjoy a worldwide market for their products. One such leading name in cosmetics and beauty market is that of L’Oreal. The company was founded in France and was started in the year 1907. It started its production line by making simple basic dyes or hair colours. This small activity later branched out in many cosmetic products and continued to expand across the globe. Today the company makes a variety of products such as, make up, hair colours, hair care, skin care, etc. World over L’Oreal enjoys trust and faith of its millions of customers. Brand image of L’Oreal in the mind of a consumer L’Oreal has successfully integrated its values in the brand image they have built. It incorporated innovation, performance, style and value for money keeping in mind the environmental concerns and corporate responsibility it has towards people and consumers. L’Oreal has managed to build trust in the minds of consumers by consistently delivering quality products which ensure value for money. ...
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