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The beer market has been flexible with the provision issuing growth even in the worst economic times. Consumers have been accorded the choice of utilizing a wider range of products that vary in prices with the lower products witnessing the increased consumption rate.


There is also the suggestion that the environments without harsh government restrictions like the U.S. market have been the avenues to favor the success of entrance of the new brands. The section has reviewed the history of the beer market and the current trends in the consumption that aid the progress of the Monterrey Beer product. Competitive Analysis The section has clearly mentioned the other products that offer competition to Monterrey Brewing Company. With the inclusion of the market share in the leading products, there is the realization of the scope of marketing need to advertise the product. The author has further compared the available brands of the advertised product to the competitors, which offer the needed analysis in the consumer trend. The competitors have been listed with the leading brand and the marketing strategy that they apply to gain the needed profit. The author should construct a table to compare the measures to be applied by Monterrey in advertising to be compared to the leading brands. With a chronological list of the brands within a table that accords comparison, the author is able to convince the target of the relationship of the brand with the competitors, and the needed measures for proper marketing (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor, 2012). However, there is a detailed account of the competitors and their prevalence within the market giving Monterrey an adequate position. ...
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