Driver Designated Service

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Driver Designated Service Name Task Instructor Date Introduction A “designated driver service” is a business that is both beneficial to the owner and the clients. This is because the owner benefits from the proceeds produced by the commerce while the clients are guaranteed of their security.


The Marketing Plan The demographic environment of Los Angel’s city is made up of a diverse population. The populace consists of men and women whose education levels vary from person to person. Los Angeles is a city with a large population because of the high level of birth rate. The residents also have various perceptions governing their interactions within the society. Religious beliefs also vary from person to person because the country does not have a state religion. All this factors plays a crucial role in influencing market plan for organizations. The 4Ps of the marketing mix that are taken into consideration in the marketing of the service involve “product,” “price,” “place” and “promotion.” Marketing The owners should know the strengths and challenges within the business. The knowledge by the owners provides a burly base for the operation of the industry because the threats and opportunities are easily predicted by the owners. Secondly, the customers should be educated on the benefits of business and how it works. It should have some distinct features that distinguish it from other similar services offered by other businesses (Heather & Stockwell, 2004). The location for conducting the business should be clear and reachable by the clients. Security of the clients should be guaranteed by the company. ...
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