Executive Summary on Vegan Restaurant in New York City

Executive Summary on Vegan Restaurant in New York City Research Paper example
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1.0 Executive Summary This marketing plan is focused on Vegan restaurant in New York City which will be inaugurated soon. Vegan restaurant market has gained a lot of popularity and acceptance since few years because of rising awareness of meat meals’ adverse health effects, appreciating new entrants and providing opportunity to existing food restaurants to grow in the area of vegetarian food while promoting health and environmental stability.


Whereas the restaurant is highly sensitive to market trends and can face many issues due to the change in market. The strengths of the restaurant are Strong market research, internal management system, Focused team, affordable prices, Location, Restaurant ambiance, Quick service, and Quality of food. Whereas the weaknesses are new in the market, time\cost, lack of experience, Lack of strong backward integration and not so highly educated customer services staff. The opportunities available for the restaurant are growing vegetarian food industry, growing modern life style, rising awareness of meat related diseases, rising awareness of global warming through the production processes of meat products, political influence on healthy environment and speedy growth in tourism at New York City. As the restaurant going to be located in New York City, the direct competitors are restaurant and cafes which are offering variety of veggie food, whereas the indirect competitors are ready to eat and tin pack veggie foods which are much cheaper. ...
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