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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: IPHONE 5 SCENARIO Massive technological advancements in the past decade have prompted companies to develop sophisticated telecommunication products. This is in a bid to address the dynamic consumer tastes and preferences.


With respect to the scenario under review, Apple is reportedly the first company to adopt and use relative technology, second generation LTE thin chips from Qualcomm Company. This has given it an upper hand and a competitive edge against its competitors in the telecommunications sector. Using the latest technology, it has been able to explore technological resources and use these in addressing wide ranging and emerging consumer needs. One of the devices that it has manufactured and which it wishes to sell includes the iPhone 5. The main aim for this is to present to the consumer base a smart telecommunication device with ideal features. The purpose of this paper is to undertake research regarding consumer perceptions and expectations of this product. Findings would be instrumental in ensuring that the product is customized to meet consumer needs. This will ensure that its performance in the market is optimal. In addition, the research would provide useful insights regarding consumer trends and changes in tastes and preferences. Based on this, Apple will be able to use its creativity in ensuring that relative needs and preferences and met accordingly. Besides this, market research will provide important information about the innovations of apple’s competitors. ...
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