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Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 3 Market 3 Segmentation 4 Positioning statement and strategy 7 Marketing Mix 8 Conclusion 13 References 14 Bibliography 16 Introduction Bridge climb Sydney is basically an Australian tourist company which got established in the year 1998 (Bridgeclimb, n.d.).


The climbs are segmented as ‘the express climb’, ‘the discovery climb’ and ‘the bridge climb’ (Bridgeclimb, n.d.). While doing so the company has also added many feathers to its cap. One such feat achieved by the company is to get its name enlisted in the Guinness book of world records for making most flags flown on the Sydney Bridge (Worldrecordsacademy, 2008). Market Market plays the most pivotal role for a company to successfully demeanor it business. Market consists of a cluster of users who exhibits some similar requirements and desires. In other words a market is set of possible buyers of a product and service (Allen, Macy & Hutchison, 2009, p.21). Therefore for a company to perform its operation effectively in the market place it needs to segment its intended market appropriately (Croft, 1994, p.1). In the context of Bridge climb Sydney their main market lies with the adventure tourism group. The market also lies with those persons who like elevation and high altitudes from the ground but not adventurous. The company also has its market scattered all over the world, as visitors from different part of the world arrives to experience it. Segmentation Market segmentation can be defined as the way by which the companies segments the market into various subgroups based on the similar characteristics of the consumer (Bose, 2004, p.513). ...
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