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Toyota Corporation Name Institution Toyota Corporation Introduction and Corporations overview Toyota is a Japanese company that ventures in production of automobiles. Toyota Motor Corporation is headquartered in Toyota Japan. It has employed some 71,000 people across the globe.


The philosophy of lean aimed at preserving value with less work done. This philosophy has been driving the Toyota Company for decades. Lean manufacturing emphasizes on efficiency by optimizing the flow of work, ensuring that there is minimum waste and use of intuition to make decisions rather than accepting the idea that existed before (Jeffery, 2004). Strategic history of the organization Historically, there were changes that took place in Japan which forced the Toyota Company to restructure its operation and management systems in order to meet the needs of its customers. Towards the end of 1949, a collapse in sales made Toyota to layoff part of its workforce. Toyota engineers came to a conclusion that Taylor’s scientific management theory of mass production was not effective and efficient. From this conclusion, they came up with Toyota production system that emphasized on quality control and aggressively sought to eliminate waste and other causes of production defects. Japan had just lost the world war two, so Toyota president aimed at competing at the same level with America in terms of production and quality within three years. ...
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