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Cooperative Marketing Cooperative marketing is an advertising and promotional program whereby manufacturers or a distributor supports the marketing efforts of both businesses. It can also be used by multiple businesses looking to pool their resources to avoid being overburdened with costs for advertising and promotion.


One of the great values that come along cooperative advertisement is that the cost of advertising will be greatly reduced. This happens when the partnering businesses come together and contribute towards the advertising and promotion of the product. This only happens when the businesses have the same interest. The cost will be cheaper in the end and in the short run for both businesses and the individual offices. The other great value that the businesses will derive is the benefit from a larger discount commonly known as trade discount. Another value of cooperative advertising is that the businesses will benefit from the risks involved. This will happen when businesses pool the risks and share them. This can happen when the distributing company tries to explain to its retailors the cause of a particular hitch resulting from the manufacturer (West, 2008). There are a number of challenges that global gadgets imports needs to address when approaching a cooperative marketing situation. Cooperative marketing has guidelines that both companies must have similar targets. They should therefore, have same ideas, promotions, and cash in order to partner. The marketing intention should serve both companies accurately and effectively, since both brands wants to be conducting this effort. ...
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