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blue ocean strategy

Due to these underlining causes, the strategy of BOS is offered high concentration by the organizations operating in this era, among many other rival players (Kim & Mauborgne, 2013).
The product, Yellow Tail of Casella Wines of Australia needs to implement the strategy of Blue Ocean as it might prove effective in developing new markets as well as wide range of customers. Other than this, by implementation of Blue Ocean strategy, the organization of Yellow Wine might offer more concentration over wine market as compared to others. This strategy might highlights its market segments in a more effective way such as wine drinkers, easy to go drinkers like beer, cocktail, soft drinks etc as well as any individual desiring to attain a refreshing feeling. However, in order to increase its range of customers or to reach beyond the existing demand, extensive promotion or campaigns is essential.
Other than this, the organization of Yellow Wine is implementing Blue Ocean in order to reduce driving cost by amplifying the values of the products. This might prove extremely effective for the customers, thereby amplifying their demand and loyalty over the brand among many other rival players. By doing so, maximum extent of the customers desiring to drink wine or beer might get attracted towards the product line that may increase its productivity in the market among others. Along with this, the position and loyalty of the product line of wine might also get improved to a significant extent.
Hence, due to these underlining reasons, the organization of Casella Wines might try to implement Blue Ocean strategy so as to amplify its portfolio and brand value in this competitive market among many other rival players. So, the popularity and demand of Blue Ocean Strategy is increasing day by day.
Red Ocean Strategy is a strategy used to compete with the existing rival players ...
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This strategy tries to develop new market space or Blue Ocean in order to make competitiveness of the existing rivals irrelevant. This strategy also helps to break value-cost trade off and enhance the market share and customer base…
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