Sources of finance available to a business

Sources of finance available to a business  Essay example
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Name: Professor: Course: Date; Understanding the sources of finance Abstract This study was to it provides essential information, support and services that would offer advice and guidance relating to sources of finance available for both new and existing businesses.


The main finding was that, when starting a business the initial response was positive but private investors, and venture capital companies, needed to see extra experienced management in the company, thus not willing to help. However, when a business has established itself and had a recommendable repute they would be helpful. Table of contents Abstract Introduction Background Literature review Sources of finance Importance of Financial Planning Case Study Information requirements of diverse decision makers Impact of Finance Introduction Background SwapGame is famed for being the first company in the UK to offer video game rental online, as well as give customers the prospect, to retain the games they hire for low pre-played price. It is currently also the pioneer company, to offer online trade-in service, offering gamers with a suitable means to trade in their unwanted games for instant credit, to reduce the price they pay for fresh games. Throughout the UK, Swap Game service has evolved in the past six, and still aspires to offer the unlimited best worth gaming, and service to its customers (Day, 2012, 1). Conversely, Business Link is an online resource for businesses and is government owned. It holds vital information, support and services for people’s businesses both larger and smaller ones, established and starting ones. ...
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