Luigi's Family Food Case

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Luigi’s Family Food Case [Name] [Course] [Professor’s name] [Date] The food industry has seen an immense transformation in the past two decades with the technological advancement and their respective implementation to satisfy the consumer demands in a sphere of highly competitive market infested with several players delivering the same product to the consumer.


Luigi’s Family Foods Pizza is also a frozen pizza firm in Chicago which has reputation in the market but recently the firm has encountered a sharp decline in the market sales and share. Marketing director of the company, Reggie Pantazi chalks out some future differentiation strategies which would help the company in reversing the declining trend of their market share and evolve as a leading player in the frozen pizza market. The paper in the initial stage will discuss the major competency of the firm and elucidate the competitive and consumer environment of the firm and then will discuss the pros and cons of the strategies adapted by Reggie. Competencies of the firm, competitive and consumer environment Luigi’s Family Foods is a medium sized company established in Chicago with a diversified portfolio of grocery chains, line of frozen pizza distributed regionally in the Midwest. The firms delivers pizzas with moderate qualities which are mainly available in standard varieties like all cheese, cheese and pepperoni, and cheese and sausage) with various sizes as 5 inch snack pizza, 10 inch family-size pizza, and a 14 inch deluxe pizza. ...
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