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Name Professor Course Date Slide 1: Industry/Category Analysis The diverse consumer groups who have strived to apply the consumption of leading products have supported the soft drink industry. The industry is composed of companies that strive to deliver desired products to consumers who have fluctuating tastes.


The consumption of the beverages has been threatened by health concerns with the need to introduce more healthy brands. The research in the American market suggests that the consumption level is affected by an increased 63% of the population preferring nutritious drinks as compared to the established brands. The leading products have ventured to include production of bottled water for consumers to utilize as alternative products. Slide 2: Competitive Analysis The leading competitor expected in the market would be the Coca-Cola Company with a leading market share of 42.8%. This has been due to powerful and precise advertisement measures and introduction of unique brands preferred by the consumers. With the strategy to introduce the, rich juicy, flavors in mango, orange and strawberry, Kooler Refresh is expected to gain a 10% market share. However, with the right advertising strategies and the combination of both new and traditional media, the awareness of the brand would be increased (Gelder, 2005). The other advantage in the Coca-Cola Company is the popularity of the brand and awareness of the existing flavors. However, one in five consumers prefers healthy beverages as compared to products that hold minimal energy level. The carbonated drinks have also been replaced by bottled water as a preference due to health implications. ...
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