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Assignment example - Marketing plan for Speedo in the U.K market.

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High school
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Individual Report Contents Contents 2 Introduction 4 Environmental Appraisal 5 Organizational Environment 5 Micro Environment 6 Macro Environment 7 PESTEL Analysis 8 SWOT Analysis 9 TOWS Matrix 10 Identification of Target Market 11 Market segmentation 11 Marketing Objectives 11 Target Market 11 First Target Market 12 Customer Profiling for the First Target Market 12 Positioning Statement for the First Target Market 13 Second Target Market 14 Customer Profiling for the Second Target Market 14 Positioning Statement for the Second Target Market 15 Marketing Mixes for the Target Markets 16 First Target Market 16 Marketing Objectives for the Marketing Mixes 16 Control Sections for the Marketing Mi…

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The heritage of the brand derives from its leadership in swimming where Olympic Gold Medals has been won by swimmers who wore Speedo swimwear. Speedo is a manufacturer as well as the distributor of swim wear and accessories related to swimwear. The company was founded in Sydney near Bondi Beach in Australia in the year 1928. In today’s date the company is a subsidiary of Pent land Group Plc. The brand is known for its innovation in the past and continues to be innovative. Some of the examples of its innovation are such as; Speedo has introduced the racer back suit, the first non wool suit which allows greater freedom of motion. It was the first innovation made by the brand in 1920s and since then the brand has lived up to the expectation of the people, investors, customers and all other related people. It continued its process of innovation in swimwear. In the year 1950 the brand had introduced its first water short which was made of Nylon, again in 1970s it launched swimwear made of Nylon as well as Elastane. ...
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