SWOT Analysis of Coca Cola and Pepsi

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Company Analysis Name Institution The consumption of soft drinks, especially among the youth, has become a popular culture in the contemporary society. The soft drinks in the market vary in taste and color depending on the manufacturer. Indeed, soft drinks control over half of the beverage market.


This paper seeks to compare and contrast the elements of business adapted by the two soft drinks giants, including PEST and SWOT analyses (Elsbach, 2006). Additionally, the paper analyzes the business culture, performance, and other organizational elements of the two giant organizations. Coca Cola and Pepsi share a similar history: an insignificant business from a simple idea that grows to a multi-billion dollar company after a century. Currently, Coca Cola sales in more than 160 countries to over 6 billion people speaking more than eighty different languages. Similarly, Pepsi is a recognized brand in the whole world, operating in numerous countries and actively competing with Coca Cola for market share. Both organization use mass-marketing strategies, focusing on the entire market rather than particular segments. Moreover, both companies offer similar product line to the same industry, thus propagating stiff competition. Both companies are very innovative as far as product packaging is concerned. Coca Cola introduced the airtight bottle concept, a major revolution of in the packaging and bottling industry. Similarly, Pepsi followed suit and introduced different sizes of returnable bottles (Fernando, 2006). ...
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