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Market a Business Introduction Solar market is considered to be amongst the potential industry that is increasingly growing in the United States. This particular industry is unexploited by organizations and thus, there is immense opportunity in marketing solar panels in the United States, specifically in California.


The marketing plan for solar panels will consider the marketing mix elements such as product, price, place and promotion along with other environmental aspects such as the economic and the social conditions. The objective of the paper is to develop a marketing strategy for solar panels on behalf of XYZ Company. Solar Market of the United States The solar market of the United States is considerably large and is growing at a significant rate. The high cost of generating power along with high customer demand for energy and monetary inducements from federal government has accelerated the growth of solar market in the United States along with California. In the year 2009, almost 107,000 new solar heating, refrigeration and solar electric connections were implemented in the United States. In the long-run, the growth opportunity for this industry is measured to be quite bright. The market growth of solar products is a result of long-run extension of Investment Tax Credit (ITC) policy by the federal government (Sherwood, 2010). Solar Market Trend in California California is considered as one of the most populated states in the United States. It is also a reputed state with respect to the use of solar system. In California, a significant development for utilization of solar energy can be observed in the recent times. ...
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