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Macroenvironmental Impact on the Company Product Sales

This is because they affect the sales of an item or service in one way or the other. Therefore, before Monster Corp launches Monster Gum in the market, it is imperative that it carries out an analysis on the impacts of microenvioronment on the sales of its product. The objective of this paper is to explore the microenviornmental components; demographic, environmental, economic and cultural factors will likely impact on the sales of “Monster Gum.” Demographics One area of particular interest with regard to market analysis is the demographics. This is refers to population trend study such as population size and movement; birth and death rates; gender, age and ethnic origin (Elearn 85). All these components that make up demographics will affect Monster Corp’s sales of the monster gum. For instance, the company is mainly targeting a specific age group in the society which is 18 to 30 years. This implies that as these group ages out, the sales of the product will likely reduce. In fact, it means that, in case this population age group is faced out, then the company will likely face a closure since the target age group will no longer be there to sell to. On the other hand, the company would likely to gain in areas with high population size of the age group that is targeted. ...
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Surname Institution Course Date Macro-environmental Impact Macroenvioronment may be described as the major external and uncontrollable factors that influence the decision making of an organization and affecting its strategies and performance. The macroenvioronmental factors include demographic factors, economic, social conditions, political, legal, natural forces and technological changes…
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