Service Marketing : The Pizza Store

Service Marketing : The Pizza Store Essay example
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In this era of globalization, the passion for delicious food related brands has enhanced at a rapid pace. This has facilitated the market of pizza to flourish with leaps and bounds thereby capturing a sizeable portion of this red hot yum segment.


In order to retain the competitive advantage and brand portfolio, the pizza store situated in Melbourne always attempts to offer value added services at an efficient cost to its consumers. It helps in augmentation of customer trust and loyalty over the specific brand, reducing the switching cost. For this reason, Pizza Store attempts to offer quality products at an accurate time, to enhance customer’s dependency and reliability among other competing stores. This is done in order to reduce the doubts of its customers to a certain extent. In addition, customers also fear whether the products are prepared hygienically with best quality of ingredients or not, in order to stay away from health disorders. This is because at times in case of home delivery of ordered pizza, quality might be compromised with owing to speed of delivery. Therefore, these types of fears arise within the minds of the customers (Scribd, n.d.). In order to resolve the fears of the customers, the pizza store can desire to operate under the strategy of ‘CHAMPS’, which includes ‘hygiene/cleanliness, hospitality, accurateness, maintenance, product quality along with speed’ (Scribd, n.d.). It can be utilized as a technique to enhance the reliability of the services along with quality of products in order to retain its competitiveness in this period of cut-throat rivalry. It is extremely essential to maintain ‘CHAMPS’ to attract new array of customers, bringing about amplification of the corporate image and value proposition of pizza store within the market of Melbourne. It is one of the most significant desires of any organization functioning in a competitive environment (Scribd, n.d.). ...
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