Dior J`adore Perfume.

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“Absolute feminity” is one of the slogans for J’adore” (Dior 2012, para. 1). J’adore has the market share of 30% in the world market, and thus France became the No.1 in perfume exporting country in the world. The customers get long lasting fragrances from the brand.


There are various other benefits the customers get from the product. They can present it to their dear ones on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, as it is a luxury item. The perfume is so skin friendly, that it protects the skin of consumers from the alcoholic reactions or other chemical reactions and allergies. The ingredients of the perfume are of high quality and that guarantees the quality of the product. The customers also get the product at their door step, as they order for the same.
As J’adore is a luxury item, it adds to the personality of women customers. The main features and attributes of the product highlighted by the company are: femininity, sophistication, and emotion. The other features are its everlasting fragrance, better quality, innovation, and its brand name. The company offers free shipment for a particular range of J’adore products. Tester facility is provided to the customers, to test the perfume as a demo. They also offer attractive sale offers on particular occasions like Christmas. During Christmas season Dior offers combination like lotion with perfume. Women, who have high income, are the main consumers of J’adore. The products come in models like J'Adore L'Absolu, J'Adore Anniversaire En Or, J'Adore L'or, J'Adore L'eau.
Customers are ready to spend more time in search of the product, because once they use it they always go for the same product, and they identify themselves with the picture of feminity in the perfume. They never go for a different or substitute product, because of its unique fragrance and quality. ...
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