Nordstrom: How to Succeed by Selling Just One Shoe

 Nordstrom: How to Succeed by Selling Just One Shoe Case Study example
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Nordstrom: How to Succeed by Selling Just One Shoe (Add Student’s Name) (Add Tutor’s Name) (Add Date) Type of Retailer The Nordstrom is classified as a department store retailer offering a wide variety of product lines including clothing, accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, furnishings, jewelry, and handbags.


Generally, a department store offers products including clothing, jewelry, books, stationery, food, toys, home appliances, sporting equipments, paint, and gardening. As Coles (1978, p. 179) points out, one of the major characteristics of a department store is that this large scale retail organization will have several departments under the same roof; and each department/unit of a department store deals with a specific category of trade or product. Usually, department stores need huge amount of capital to commence their business and they are located in big cities and towns. Centralized management system is a general characteristic of a department store. This type of retail organizations keep their interior decoration and window display attractive and spend more on sales promotion. They provide a range of quality customer services including inspection of goods, convenient packages, home delivery and after sale services. Department stores sell products only on cash basis and generally they do not offer credit facilities to their customers to avoid the risk of bad debts. Finally, high operational cost is a common feature of department stores. Level of Service on the Continuum The Nordstrom tries to deliver best possible shopping experiences to customer regardless of store purchase, online purchase, or a mail order catalog. ...
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