The Marketing Strategies of Fashion Brands

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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Marketing strategies of Fashion brands Introduction The fashion industry is a popular and a competitive industry. The competition is so much imperative in the designing, branding, and marketing. Any fashion industry must therefore be very creative and current in order to keep the potential customers prospective of the mentality of product development stages to the product evaluation stage.


The owner of the industry or manager for that matter should create campaigns that attract more customers hence increased sales within a year or month. Being able to communicate effectively with the customers forms a solid base for the success of the fashion industry. Acquiring ambassadors who represent the industry and share their experiences with the brand boosts the industry substantially. Contrasting marketing strategies Different fashion industries apply different strategies to market their products. More often than not, these interlink and some contrast. Fro example a certain industry may use fashion blogs and another may use fashion showcase to market their products. There are two marketing strategies but they are very contrasting. For the fashion blog marketing strategy the industry ventures deeply online to research on their product line and look for reviews from their customers than it includes blog on the social networks. On the other hand, fashion showcase includes gathering of a small gathering for the industry to debut its fashion trend to the key people of the fashion who have the potential of high profile clientele. During the event, the customers have exposure to the displayed items throughout the room (Hartline, & Ferrell, 2010:487). ...
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