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Creation of Web Portal Name Course title Instructor’s name Name of Institution Date of Submission Creation of Web Portal Solution Approach A high level approach is used to determine a solution for the evident problems within the Brisbane Institute of Art (BIA).


In this regard the adoption and implementation of a web portal is the proposed solution as the most effective way of helping the institute to achieve its vision with the highest efficiency. The analysis of Brisbane Institute of Art reveals that the student population has reduced significantly. Furthermore, the turnover of the institution’s instructors has grown. Therefore, the proposed solution is based on the causes of these problems and intended at proposing the most relevant and appropriate solution for the problems which the institute is facing. The methodology of delivering the solution is the system development lifecycle (SDLC) methodology. This is a methodology of adopting and implanting an information system through which the proposed web portal could be managed and used to increase the effectiveness and functionality of the institute’s organizational processes. Through the SDLC methodology, the web portal will be implemented through stages which prove to be advantageous because one stage is fully implemented before the next stage is developed (Webner, William & Keating, 2009). The focus of this methodology will be focused at ensuring that the institution membership will be increased through the motivation of the web portal. ...
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