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Start-up Idea - Online/in-Person of the Ark Educational Portal - Essay Example

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Start-up Idea – Online/in-Person State of the Ark Educational Portal Name Professor Course Date Start-up Idea – Online/in-Person State of the Ark Educational Portal The need for outstanding academic performance is on the rife among parents. Their concern is nothing less than quality educations for their children in the extremely early stages of life…

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Start-up Idea - Online/in-Person of the Ark Educational Portal

This  is envisaged in helping in molding and nurturing the kids to globally relevant and competitive individuals which is the key objectives of the initiative. The aspect of kids-parents-teachers engagement has been cited as lacking in other modes and probably this is contributing in the production of the partially competent persons in the long run. The initiative is up to filling this gap in the provision of knowledge to the kids. It is expected that such initiatives comes with a number of challenges; thus, the need to do thorough external analysis as well as the internal. This will work in positioning the initiative at a better place to develop close to an ideal situation that will enable the realization of the initiative’s objective. As for the external analysis, the performance of other firms that provide more or les similar services will be used to envisage the challenges likely to be faced and the possible ways of dealing with them on time. For the internal analysis, SWOT analysis will be used to give indications of the strengths and weaknesses of the initiative and this will as well serve all relevant role of cushioning the firm from sporadic misfortune (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2011). ...
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