Sober Roller a Designated Driving Service Company IT Plan

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Name Instructor Task Date Sober Roller a Designated Driving Service Company IT Plan Introduction An effective market plan is essential in the marketing and distribution of a product that has made use of technology in its production. Sober Rollers a designated driver service company has to embrace the use of computer information technology to build new products and market them in newer markets.


Sober Rollers needs IT to track its drivers and cars at all times. This is to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the company to its clients. Secondly, Sober Rollers needs IT to setup a website where potential clients can make orders, send suggestions, compliments or complaints. This will enhance effectual communication channel between the Corporation and the clients. Thirdly, Sober Rollers needs IT to enhance security in the company that is the use of speed governors. This will ensure safe driving and minimise accidents caused by speeding. Sober Rollers can use fire and theft alarm system to ensure safety of the cars and the clients. Lastly, Sober Rollers need IT to market itself, store information and manage its records (Schwalbe, 463). This will mean installing the use of e-commerce to detect customer favourites and dislikes. Software and Hardware Functions Used In IT Company There is a variety of IT software that Sober Rollers can use to enhance its operations. Sober Rollers can use ‘Global Positioning System’ GPS (Chambers, 332). This is a space based satellite direction-finding system that provides locality and time ideas anywhere in the world. ...
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