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Global Marketing [Customer Name] [Institution] [Course name/number/ assignment number] Introduction The world today has become a global village. Information exchange can occur within a matter of milliseconds over thousands of miles. Technology has revolutionized every field, from arts and education to organizational management.


This tends to highlight the role globalization is playing in the contemporary business arena. In order to comprehend the processes underlying and factors influencing global marketing, one needs to gain an insight into the operational dynamics of marketing on an international level. Moreover, marketing across borders is not limited to the domain of multinational organizations, as was conventional few years ago. Globalization has offered businesses opportunities to expand its consumer base and to profit from international demand. This paper will explore the essentials of international marketing in the context of a UK-based firm, Directa Ltd. It will discuss the marketing opportunities available to the firm and chalk out a marketing plan keeping in consideration its competitors, consumers and the market. Company Background Directa (UK) Ltd is a UK-based organization and deals with the distribution of industrial products. The company is located in the city of Essex and has a workforce of more than 80 people (Business Link, n.d.). It was established in 1971 and four decades since its inception, the company has become one of the leading distributors of tapes, signs, abrasives and adhesives along with other industry-related good and products. ...
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