Consumers' Perceptions of Global and Local Brands in Developing Countries within Consumers' Goods Industry - Dissertation Example

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Consumers' Perceptions of Global and Local Brands in Developing Countries within Consumers' Goods Industry

Global brands reach in developing countries 23 2.10. Consumer goods global brands familiarity with local consumers 25 2.11. Leading global FMCGS in the developing countries 27 2.12. Consumers’ Perception of global brands in developing countries against local brands 27 2.13. Factors influence the purchasing behaviour of consumers 29 2.14. Summary 32 Chapter 3 33 3.0. METHODOLOGIES 33 3.1. Introduction: 33 3.2. Research Overview: 33 3.3. Research Philosophy: 34 3.4. Critical Approach: 35 3.5. Research Methods: 35 3.6. Research Strategy: 36 3.7. Research Design: 36 3.8. Data Collection Method: 36 3.9. Sampling Methods: 37 3.10. Justification of Research: 37 3.11. Reliability of Research: 37 3.12. Limitations: 37 3.13. Validity of Research: 38 3.14. Summary: 38 Chapter 4: 38 4.0. DATA ANALYSIS and interpretation: 39 4.1. Introduction: 39 4.2. Secondary Data and Analysis: 39 4.3. Primary Data and Analysis: 43 Chapter 5: 66 5.0. CONCLUSION 66 5.1. Summary of the Findings 66 5.2. Responses to the Research Questions 68 5.3. Recommendations 70 5.4. Recommendations for further researches 71 Appendix 73 Questionnaire 73 Consumers’ Perceptions of Global and Local Brands in Developing Countries within Consumers’ Goods Industry Chapter 1: 1.0. INTRODUCTION: 1.1. Overview: Today brand image has become more and more crucial in the success of the product. ...
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Contents Chapter 1: 4 1.0. INTRODUCTION: 4 1.1. Overview: 4 1.2. Background of the Study: 5 1.3. Rationale of the study: 8 1.4. Significance of the Study: 8 1.5. Problem Statement: 9 1.6. Research Questions: 9 1.7. Aims and Objectives of the Study: 10 1.8…
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