Case Study Analysis (A REPORT) (RESIT)

 Case Study Analysis (A REPORT) (RESIT) Essay example
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Case Study Analysis (A REPORT) (RESIT) Contents Executive Summary 3 Contents 3 Part 1 3 Part 2 7 Bibliography 12 Executive Summary The paper focuses on presenting a report based on two sets. The first set focuses on discussing the concepts of market segmentation in respect of three case studies.


Thus the report in question analyses the marketing theories and concepts and draws practical insights from different cases relating to such concepts. Contents Part 1 The entire market for a product or service of a company is segmented on the basis of customers that reflect the same type of needs and attributes in regards to certain product or service offerings. Such sub-divisions rendered in regards to the consumer groups helps the marketer to strategise the level of product and service offerings and also decide on separate marketing mixes to help attract the mindsets of the different consumer profiles to the product or service offerings. The importance of dividing the total market into a number of segments arises from the fact that it helps the marketers to increase the level of focus on these segments and tailor make the product and service offerings to meet the specific demands of the consumer groups concerned. Further the market segments formed in order to fulfil the targets of the marketer must firstly be considerably large enough to reflect the impact of the different marketing mixes used by marketers. Further each of the different consumer segments must be as such as would be distinctly identifiable from the other consumer segments. ...
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