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Website designing The company shall utilize the services of a professional web designer in ensuring development of a website, consisting of the various elements present within the company (Oleksy, 2001).


Contracting web designing companies would probably become less involving but the costs could reach up to $40000. Hiring individuals remains a more affordable method to the company than utilizing contract companies. The website shall be created in the form of a business website as the company seeks to utilize the website for marketing products. A business website type could enable the company to undertake Internet marketing and receiving feedback from clients.
The company could also utilize this website in giving information to visitors concerning the company. This would include the professional functions of the company and the company contacts which prospective clients could utilize when contacting company representatives. Conformity to the existing web designing standards remains essential in ensuring the website remains usable and easily accessible.
DOCTYPE declaration shall be made to enable validation of the website via W3C which shall identify errors of conformity to existing standards. Website and networking requirements There are various elements of consideration that shall be included when deciding the website to be utilized. The costs for web-designing could be estimated at $7000. These shall include wages of the web-designers and the other individuals assisting within the preparation of the website. ...
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