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Strategic Marketing - The Drucker Assignment Introduction Peter Ferdinand Drucker is regarded as one of the most influential management thinkers of the present era. He had a successful career as management consultant in the companies of repute like GE, Coca-Cola and CitiCorp among others and also had authored various journal papers and books.


The three components have been brought together so that a managerial environment can be created (Drucker, 2001). The three components can be considered to be the main theme of the book. Peter Drucker was highly interested in the role played by the people in the organizations. His book “The Essential Drucker” deals with various management topics. The book comprises a selection of pieces from Drucker’s many books in a period of sixty years (Drucker, 2001). The Most Enlightening Chapter Topic The most enlightening topic for me is 'know your strengths and values'. This chapter topic has been chosen from the second chapter named “The individual”. This chapter teaches an individual about identification of the person’s strengths as well as values. By recognizing the strengths and the values, the person is capable of knowing where he/she belongs. According to Peter Drucker, people need to be flexible and thus stay mentally alive so that they can expand themselves in dimensions where they are capable of making the greatest involvement and where their productivity tends to be higher (Drucker, 2001). The people need to learn how and why they need to alter their occupation. Comprehension of the strengths and the values enables the person to seek out where the person belongs. ...
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