Report on Burberry's success- Analysing its marketing strategy

Report on Burberry
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Introduction The ability to reach various audiences with merchandise is able to determine the success and growth of various companies. The profit and growth of Burberry is one of the areas that have been created to alter the expectations within the company.


This research paper will examine the profile of Burberry and how it has reached the expectations required. This is combined with the marketing policies and activities as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the company. After analyzing the different perspectives of Burberry, there will be the ability to create and define the way in which the company can begin to grow and expand with the marketing aspects of the company. By doing this, there is the ability to create and define the audiences and the movement into new territories with the company. Profile of Burberry Burberry was established in 1910 by Thomas Burberry. The development of the store was based on an overcoat trend of fashion for both men and women. The association with the trench coat then led to a variety of styles that were used for different activities, such as adventure, aviation and mountain climbing. The approach then began to develop into activities and looks that were further defined by the art of the trench coat. Today, the Burberry fashion is focused on younger generations not only with the overcoat but also with other trends in winter and summer wear. The Burberry fashion has extended into over 16 countries in both the East and the West with a variety of initiatives to expand the particular fashion line with specific styles and designs that are associated with the brand. ...
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