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Student’s name Course code Instructor’s name Date of Submission Don Martin Limited Marketing Analysis Don Martin Limited was started 23 years ago as an auto supplies company. In the last few years, the business has faced various shortfalls. Owing to a tremendous flight of customers, the business has been losing money instead of making profit.


The business has attempted several strategies to increase its profits, including increasing the prices of its products, increasing production lines, and promoting the business through newspapers and radio. Due to these pitfalls, marketing strategy is exceptionally paramount for the success of the business (Pearce and Hardy 379). Most of the customers in this business are low income earners. They also live within the business jurisdiction. Due to their limited income, these customers require low priced products. To attract more customers from the area, Don Martin limited has decided to open credit account to its customers. Despite offering credit to customers, the business has continued to lose them due to poor services and high cost of its products. Frequent increases in price to maximize profit have, therefore, discouraged customers from shopping in Don Martin limited. To attract more customers and compete effectively in the market, the business should consider reducing the cost of its products. The demographic size in the business location is high. The business is located along the thoroughfare street right in the middle of the city blue-collar district (Michael and Kenneth 379). The business potential customers are blue-collar workers who constitute both middle and lower class males and females. ...
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