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Marketing communication: Effective Promotion and Sale in Face of Globalization Today - Essay Example

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Marketing communication: Effective Promotion and Sale in Face of Globalization Today

Businesses must be guided, in their marketing communication endeavors, by a set of codes of ethics as well as conventional norms confined in society in the increasingly globalized market and negative perception on marketing particularly advertising. This is affirmed by Becker (2009) who profoundly asserts that: ‘moral business leaders represent values that are not confined to the secrecy of the boardrooms and centers of power but are universally recognized as the fundamental building blocks of a life worth living’. Whereas various tactics are available for marketers to exploit, it is only the best marketers that use them appropriately to maximize their potential. When one factors in the significance of communication in marketing and the bad press and perception it has received, it becomes even challenging to come up with the right strategies. Blythe (2006) for example notes that marketing has been mainly compared to “… gimmicks and thus there is a commonly held perception that marketing is about persuading people to buy things they do not need ...” He however argues that the negative perception is unfair since marketing is directed at deliberate creation of value and not needs, and is consequently exclusively pointed towards customer search and retention and not misdirection. In business, marketing communication tools are employed to raise awareness about the company’s goods or services in the market place. ...
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Communication in marketing cannot be ignored especially in the advent of globalization, increased competition and increased consumer awareness and the society at large. Blythe reckons that a business that is to survive in the current business environment must factor in and apply the relevant marketing tools…
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