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Pret Table of Contents Introduction 3 Impact of Demand and Supply Factor in Business Organisations 4 Problems for Pret A Manger 4 Strategies for Pret A Manger to Overcome the Problems 6 Conclusion 8 References 9 Introduction Pret A Manger began its business journey in the year 1986 in London.


Currently, there lies the presence of 295 shops of the company in the world and the majority of them are located in the United Kingdom. The annual turnover of the company is approximately 380 million Pounds (Pret A Manger, 2012). The company formed 22 new stores or shops in the year 2011 and is likely to open more 20 to 30 stores in the year 2012. It does not possess any franchisee while performing its business operations. Moreover, the company bears a strong custom in order to develop its working personnel. In this context, it desires to invest profoundly towards the advancement of its employees by a considerable level (Pret A Manger, 2012). In the paper, a complete analysis about the various major difficulties faced by Pret A Manger that include particularly the supply as well as the demand issues will be taken into concern. Furthermore, few business strategies have been provided in order to assist the company to overcome the major problems related to supply and demand issues while performing its business operations. Impact of Demand and Supply Factor in Business Organisations The factors of supply along with demand are observed to be one of the most influential factors, which affect the business working as well as performance of any organisation. ...
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