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Analysis of Ford Motors Company Name Institution Date History The first attempt that Henry Ford made at starting his own motor company was in 1901, but began the Cadillac Motor Company in the year 1902. He launched the company in a factory converted in 1903 with capital of about $28,000 that had been obtained from around twelve investors (Geyer, 2011).


After a period of about ten years, the company began its assembly line notion of producing cars which led to the rapid expansion of the company (Cook, 2010). When Henry approached the age of 40, he created the Ford Company and its control has since remained within his family for the past century (Ford, 2007). The company has witnessed several developments since its establishment by introducing the first cars with engines having removable cylinder heads in the year 1908 and safety glasses in their windshields in the year 1930 (Banham, 2002). In the year 1932, the Ford Company then introduced vehicles that were powered using V8 engines that were low priced (Cook, 2010). From the year 1952, the Company started offering packages for life safety that included items like steering wheels that had deep-dishes, rear seatbelts and padded dashes for the first time in vehicles. The Company then started producing its Mustang brand in the year 1964 and the reminder light on seat belts in the following year (Geyer, 2011). In the mid 1990’s, the Company sold very many vehicles since the country’s economy was performing well. ...
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