How can a BMW franchise create Customer Engagement through Social Media

How can a BMW franchise create Customer Engagement through Social Media Research Paper example
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How Can A BMW Franchise Create Customer Engagement through Social Media Data Presentation, Data Analysis and Research Findings This section of the paper intends to present the data that has been gathered. The data has been presented by ways of survey results, pie charts, graphs and tables.


Its utilisation may depend upon components such as company profile, products and customers that the company is serving. Social media websites can be considered as a good way through which the dependability as well as the goodwill of a company can be enhanced (Gruzd & Staves, 2009). People make use of social media sites for certain reasons such as for the purpose of interacting, collaborating, looking for counsel from the experts, disseminating of the multimedia, looking for opinions, contributing reviews as well as entertainment (Sabado, Gallardo, & Lubach, 2011). Most of the people argue the fact that social media tends to bring a new sense of community by permitting them to connect with those who are similar to themselves i.e. like-minded people and people with similar tastes and preferences. A number of people are making use of the social media while initiating purchase decisions (Mangold & Faulds, 2009). The figure below demonstrates the use of social media by BMW and others and the benefits obtained by it in order to gain higher return on investment. The figure makes it apparent that BMW scores high in terms of revenues earned by making use of the social media (Slideshare, 2010). Source: (Slideshare, 2010). It is a well known fact that the new media environment is featured by interactivity and multi-dimensional communication flows. ...
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