Framework for Assessing the UK Toy and Game Industry.

Framework for Assessing the UK Toy and Game Industry. Term Paper example
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International competition drives companies to frequently depend on country-specific risk analysis tools as a vital part of strategic decision making. When organizations internationalize their business operations, they are confronted with numerous questions related to risk.


The paper will describe the uses of a framework for penetrating in the retail toy segment of the United Kingdom. The company chosen for the paper is Mattel which is one of the biggest toy-producing companies internationally. The objective of the paper is to illustrate the opportunities served by the foreign market and measure the market efficiency for Mattel to launch its own retail outlet in the UK.

Framework for Assessing the UK Toy and Game Industry
In order to develop a framework, one needs to understand the vital aspects of business which are competitors, purchasers, suppliers, substitute products and market risks. Assessing these aspects can be beneficial to assist in developing an understanding of the competitive situation and the strengths of the competitive position in which Mattel desires to shift itself. With clear understanding of where its strengths are preserved, Mattel can take the advantages of its competencies to recover its condition of weakness and evade from taking risky strategies. Developing a framework is helpful for recognizing whether the products of Mattel have the ability to strengthen its foothold in the UK market.
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