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Marketing Plan Arabica Caf

Marketing Plan ― Arabica Café

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Arabica along with the additional benefits provided to customers has also been discussed in this essay. It clearly determines how Arabica identifies the 5 W’s and H for product positioning and for formulating its mission and strategy. The significance of product name and logo has also been considered in this essay, with special emphasis to Arabica’s strategic intent. It also defines the risk reversal and complaint management system implemented within Arabica. The essay further highlights the unique sales strategy and the sales plan adopted by Arabica in its marketing plan. Arabica’s promotional strategies, such as the use of brochures, magazines, and social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram are also discussed in this essay. Moreover, it discusses Arabica’s unique strategies with respect to its quality packaging and effective distribution channels. The essay represents the skimming price policy and per unit price list of Arabica; alongside, it analyzes the break-even point the organization needs to maintain. Various other strategies of Arabica, such as Back-End Sale and Customer’s Lifetime Value (CLV), as well as the direct and indirect Customer Relations Management (CRM), have been discussed in the essay. The information support system and the inexpensive test plan fostered by Arabica in its marketing strategies have also been stressed in the essay. ...
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The essay analyzes the various marketing strategies, implemented by Arabica Cafe in the Kuwaiti coffee market. It describes the products of Arabica along with its potential benefits to users.It also clearly states the mission, vision, and objectives of Arabica, as a competitive organization. …
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