DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSIS on DreamWorks Animation

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Company Analysis Table of Contents DreamWorks Animation- About Company 3 Implications and Conclusion 11 Reference 13 DreamWorks Animation- About Company DreamWorks Animation is a studio located in Glendale in California and founded in the year 1994. The company specializes in the development and creation of televisions programs, animated feature films and virtual worlds online.


The company was originally founded under DreamWorks’s banner by the alumni of Amblin Entertainment it went out to generate a separate public company existence in the year 2004. The live action studio of DreamWorks had been acquired by Paramount Pictures in 2006 which has the responsibility of distributing the films created and produced by DreamWorks. Presently, DreamWorks Animation accounts for the highest grossing brands of its time, whose films account for a worth of more than $3750 million (DreamWorks Annual Report 2010, 2011, p.1-4). The company employs approximately 2100 numbers of employees as on 31st of December, 2010 and majority of them are covered under the employment agreements. Majority of these employees are appointed for working as modelers, animators, visual development artists, story artists, lighters, technical directors and the like. Apart from these employees are also employed to perform administrative and corporate functions and take part in supporting and developmental activities (Edgar Online, 2010, p.12). The success factors of the company’s films are predominantly dependant on the extent of acceptance from audience of the films. However, there are great difficulties in predicting such acceptance and thus the business remain risky. ...
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