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Wholesale Medical Marijuana Distribution

The farm produces the marijuana and sells it to retail stores in Denver and Colorado. The farm processes its product to improve its quality before selling it to producers.
The company aims at the production of high quality marijuana that satisfies the target market demands. The targets of the business include the adult recreational marijuana users and the medical institutions that require marijuana (Hutchison, 2014). The company aims at satisfaction of customers and improved quality in the marijuana medical products.
The mission statement of the business is the selling of high-quality marijuana to the market and foster customer satisfaction. This through customer valuation and enhancing accountability in the delivery of the product. The priority of the company are the customers, rather than the company.
The marketing goals are to deliver the medical marijuana at all medical institutions in Colorado and Denver by the end of the year. The goal is also to provide customer satisfaction through the evaluation of the customer demands in different business settings (Beesley, 2013). Another goal is to ensure that the potential customer is informed about the business and its value in the medical field.
The company is among the few that have been allowed to deliver marijuana on a wholesale scale in Colorado and Denver. The online market has been incorporated into the company to ensure easy access to the product. The medical market has also revolutionised and has a high demand of marijuana.
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The company targets the medical institutions as the major market. The mission and vision of the business is aimed at customer satisfaction. The target of the company is to amplify…
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