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Integrated Marketing Communications by Coca Cola Company - Research Paper Example


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Integrated Marketing Communications by Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola Company holds foremost place in the market among different beverage brands and has always enjoyed flourishing position by following healthy marketing strategies to win the maximum amount of people. The strategies followed by the company are well aligned with company’s business objectives. This is achieved by pursuing an international standard, “Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)”, to market company’s products. This helped the company to be customer-centric when communicating with customers. The IMC methods that company follows are product advertising, focused marketing, internet marketing, trade promotion, public relations, and personal selling (Belch & Belch xi). The advertisement of Coca Cola drink focuses on Product Advertising technique, while focusing on the pioneer advertising technique in the ad company depicts a prospective product to educate the customer about the drink. This is a highly expensive ad, as company has engaged actors (and characters) that enjoy high popularity all over the world. This helps the company to generate huge consumption of their product by branding with the images of these highly acknowledged and respected characters, such as Santa Claus. The brand marketing domain of the company uses creative ideas of presenting and marketing the product. The Coca Cola advertisement team focuses on the target market and chooses the characters that live in the hearts of people. Christmas character, Santa Claus, earns high popularity in the western world.

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This occasion is always celebrated with great zeal and zest by the nations of the world. The objective to picture such figures of high rating is very important. As these figures acquire important places in the hearts of millions of people, so when customers see them in the advertisements featuring Coca Cola drink, they will naturally be attract to the drink. This is a common human behavior to follow blindly the person they respect and love. This behavior becomes helpful for the companies to target and draw customer’s attention. The more respected personalities they use, the more business can be generated by the company. The advert focuses on a clear objective of this beverage, that it is the only way to quench thirst. It also mentions the features of the product advantageous for all age groups. The uniqueness of the Coca Cola drink is crystal clear. It is the flagship product of the company, which earns the biggest amount of profit for the company. In the advert, the advertiser mentions the sufficient advantages of the drink, which gives gratification to the customers buying ice-cold Coca Cola. It indirectly positions the brand at the top of the market rating, over the competitors. The advertiser focuses on the international and the local markets, which usually celebrate all events of the year, such as Christmas. This event is immensely celebrated by both the western world and counties in other parts of the world. By using such character as Santa Claus, the advertisement captures all the age groups: from a child to an elderly person. This enables the company to attract the customers and enhance the growth of the business. Some other methods used by the company are direct marketing through print and telecom media, sales materials (like Freezers, display racks, buses, etc.), outdoor advertising,


College Name Marketing 22 June 2012 Integrated Marketing Communications by Coca Cola Company The name Coca Cola brings in the image of a chilled black drink in a finely designed bottle. This image is not created by our subconscious or imaginative power but is a result of powerful marketing and brand image that Coca Cola, an American multinational company, has brought to us…
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Integrated Marketing Communications by Coca Cola Company essay example
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