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Retail Marketing Table of Contents Retail Marketing 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 4 Competitive Strategy of Trust-Mart 4 Michael Porter’s Generic Strategy 5 Critical Success Factors 7 Core Competences 7 Capabilities 7 Value Network Analysis of Trust-Mart 8 Tangible Value 8 Intangible Value 9 7 P’s Analysis of Trust-Mart 10 Products 10 Place 10 Price 11 Promotion 12 People 13 Process 13 Physical Evidence 13 Operational Challenges 14 PEST Analysis of Supermarket Retail Industry in the UK 14 Conceptual Framework for Internationalisation 16 Market Entry Methods 19 Logistics and Supply Chain Issues 20 Unpredictability 20 Risk Management 20 Market Dynamics 21 Supplier Network 21 Single Inc


The retailing industry in China has strong prospects of growth. It is the fifth biggest consumption market in the world. From 2006–2009, the turnover of China’s supermarket retail industry had improved from 51.2 billion USD to 86.4 billion USD. The composite yearly growth rate of supermarket retail industry is almost 15.6%. There are almost 23,814 supermarkets operating in China (Retail in Asia Limited, 2010) & (Research in China, 2009). The study is based on one of the retail supermarkets of China named Trust-Mart. The study will describe the strategic analysis of Trust-Mart and its operational challenges that it might face while expanding its business into foreign market. The foreign market chosen for the study is the UK’s supermarket retail industry. Trust-Mart’s viability in the internationalisation is based on overseas market of the UK. Competitive Strategy of Trust-Mart Since inception, Trust-Mart had showed immense growth in the retail supermarket industry. ...
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