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Rhetorical Analysis of Print Advertisement

The rhetorical perspective is often quite subtle and covert and as such quite hard to detect on the fly. Herein, the various ways in which the advertiser has used will be examined with reference to the provided HP advertisement. The appeals used are mostly ethos, and pathos, appeal by association, and sentiment respectively. The poster is a picture of what could be a rocket or missile seconds after it is launched, it is shooting skywards, and leaving a considerable trial of smoke in its wake. At the bottom of the picture is the words “make it matter”, and then there is the HP insignia in bigger letters than any other words in the advert. The picture itself presents an appeal to pathos; a shooting rocket can be easily associated with power potency, and masculinity. With such an interpretation, men since they readily relate to the concept, nonetheless, even the women who are competing in the corporate world recently a man’s domain will forge an association. It could be said on introspection that the picture is seen as a semiotic representation of a virile male. The fact that most men want to be seen in this light makes it easy for a male viewer to relate the use of HP products to masculinity, virility, and power. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: June 24, 2012 Introduction Today, the advertisement business, is a multimillion dollar industry adverts may appear effortless and uncomplicated to the pedestrian observer. On the contrary, they are carefully designed. Literally, every word, picture shadow, and even space is examined and thought through before it can be used…
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