Marketing: Principles and Practice

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MARKETING: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE Students’ name Professor’s name: Institution’s name: Course code: Date: Introduction The study of the process of purchasing is a study that is extremely complex. In the process of purchasing, the consumer decides to buy a specific product.


The main defy faced by various marketers entails the complication in understanding some of the basic factors that influences purchases of products among different customers. This challenge applies to all type of products marketers ranging from fast selling products in the market to high street fashions. Customers age, level of education, taste, gender, income, and brand have a role in determining factors that helps in the selection and purchases of different products in the market. Marketing aspects plays a fundamental role in influencing customers’ perception on a product. Factors that influence the purchases of products in the market have a focal impact on the value and meaning attached to a specific product (Kotler and Armstrong, 2012, p. 56). On the other hand, the significant of a product in the market is influenced by customers’ personal traits such as fashion sensitivity, and price consciousness. These traits vary from one section of the population to another. The understanding of the factors that determine the purchase of products in the market gives marketers an understanding on how different customers select fashion products in the market. This essay will address some factors that influence the purchase decision among post graduate student on fashion products (Rook, 2006, p. 253). ...
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