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Survey analysis for online resale shop

No participant was forced for any sort of unwilling participation. Additionally, all participants were given the right to withdraw from participation in the study at any stage. The researcher has also kept the element of confidentiality into consideration. Personal information of selected participants has been kept intact.
The competition in the global business market s very intense these days. This intensified competition across markets have make the survival of business next to impossible, It has become very difficult for businesses to retain their potential customers in the age of advance technology. However, e-business in such instance is one platform where businesses are competing against each other to win their potential customers. For businesses to succeed it has become very important to offer both local & online services. To further acquire these details in depth, this study has selected quantitative research method. Using this, survey has been conducted. From the survey, it has been acquired that out of the selected 250 participants, 198 participants agreed that they like shopping online while 52 participants should resistance towards online shopping. From the responses’ it is noted that most of the participants like shopping online. Many of the selected participants also believed that they usually shop luxury goods from shopping malls such as: Westfield, Selfridges, Harrods…etc. In such instances, they spend £251 - £350 on usual basis on luxury goods. The most common platform selected by potential customers to make online purchases is from Amazon. Most of the people ask their friends for inspiration before making any online purchase. Two most important elements/variables for making online purchase for clothes are them quality/material while price is the second most important element. It is also evident that an online shop provides more up-to-date information than their ...
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The purpose of this study is to ascertain the trends & understanding of online resale shop market. For this purpose, quantitative research method has been selected. Using quantitative research method,…
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