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CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Question #1: In this case, trait theory was used to explain phone usage differences; looking through the chapter do you think there are other individual characteristics that could also be used to better explain mobile phone usage? The trait theory is very appropriately applied to explain the differences amongst individual phone usage; however, there is an array of other individual characteristics that can also be used to explain mobile phone usage.


a. Consumer activities enable the marketer to determine how people spend their time as well as what activities they prefer to engage in. In regard to mobile phones, marketers can determine from a sample of mobile phone users about what activities/sports/habits they engage into, how they spend leisure time, what features of a mobile phone are utilized during busy schedule. The information obtained can be used to determine a link between the categories. For instance, all busy professional people use organizer, WAP services, and mobile banking features; hang out or shop when they are free; do swimming, read morning newspaper and play chess. b. Interest category determines what things and images are of importance to consumers. It enables marketers to identify the areas of interest of their consumers. For e.g. one fourth of the individuals show interest in networking. c. Opinions category enable the marketer to determine how consumers view themselves and what opinions they hold about others in their surroundings. It is more a self/social concept. ...
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