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IBM CASE STUDY Name Course Date of Submission IBM – Case Study 1. What competencies has IBM had to invest in arising from its transformation from a ‘product centric’ to a ‘service-centric’ organisation? IBM realised that the lost legacy of profitability and market leadership had far reaching implications which culminated in their extra focus on being product centric rather than being ‘service centric’.


Business processes were reengineered by changing reward criteria and performance matrices as well as marketing activities. The idea of providing custom built solutions for the customers proved to be a handy tool for reaching customer satisfaction. Company’s emphasis also shifted to the global market where it tried to provide the business services by divesting itself on low margin industries. This enabled it to capture new markets and work towards customer satisfaction through different venues using different marketing techniques by adapting to cultural changes in different countries. Perhaps the most important competency that the company inculcated was that of becoming a brand worker ensuring to provide customized and integrated technologies to the customers even if that meant using a rival company’s product. This led to pervasive customer loyalty. IBM also bolstered its services division by acquiring a management consultancy firm that helped it to increase its business consultants worldwide. This led to the communication of company’s vision in a much effective way. 2. ...
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